September 3-4, 2022 in Basel

Bradley Nelson

The Emotion Code

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The Emotion Code

2-day Workshop

In this workshop you will learn a self-help method of identifying and releasing old emotional baggage developed by Dr. Bradley Nelson over 20 years of practical experience. In addition, you will learn how to uncover and remove “heart walls” as part of the emotional code.

Using the emotion code table, you learn to determine the emotions responsible for the problem. With the help of the corresponding question and crossing out on the client’s head or back, the solution is found. The procedure is clearly explained, demonstrated several times and practiced with practice partners.

One of Dr. Nelson’s most significant discoveries is the “heart wall,” which is built by the subconscious mind after emotional injury to protect the heart from further injury. At the moment of its creation it makes perfect sense, but in the long run we pay a high price for it in the form of physical or psychological discomfort, relationship problems, numbness, emotional issues, etc. Uncovering and removing such “heart walls” is part of the Emotion Code and will also be demonstrated and practiced.

Whether we like it or not, emotions influence our thinking, our actions and our relationships. The self-help method Emotion Code shows how easily stuck emotions and blocked mental issues can be localized. And how these can then be dissolved with the help of a simple magnet, which gives the body a balancing regulatory impulse. In this way, initially unclear stresses and impairments can be quickly eliminated and physical complaints disappear.

This comprehensive introductory workshop answers questions about the background, effect and practical application of the Emotion Code method, which also offers a valuable addition for kinesiology users.


What to expect:

  • why emotional states are hereditary and why you are likely to carry stress, anxiety and depression from your ancestors
  • how old emotions from the past can get stuck in your body and cause blockages in your life
  • how you can use kinesiology muscle testing to determine in just a few minutes whether and which of these “trapped emotions” are present in your body as the cause of a particular problem.
  • how you can use a simple technique to dissolve trapped emotions in seconds and eliminate the cause of chronic pain and disease
  • how to recognize and release the heart walls


Saturday, September 3, 2022

10am – 6pm

Sunday September 4, 2022

10am – 5pm

The workshop will take place at Landgasthof Riehen, Basel (CH).


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The event will be held in English. The German consecutive translation is included in the ticket price.


Bradley Nelson

Dr. Bradley Nelson (called Dr. Brad by friends and patients) who became known worldwide through the best-selling movie “Emotion” among others, is an author, teacher, chiropractor, medical intuitive, energy healer, father and husband. He dedicates his life to the mission of teaching people how to heal themselves by bringing their bodies back into energetic and physical balance.