July 15, 2022 in Basel

Ruediger Dahlke

Evening seminar



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Self Healing – Health, Happiness & Energy

Friday July 15, 2022

This seminar evening with Ruediger Dahlke is all about health, happiness and energy in connection with self-healing. Every healing is ultimately self-healing, it is always our own nature that heals, as the ancient doctors knew: “Medicus curat, natura sanat – The doctor nurses, nature heals”. Even if we can intervene in healing processes from the outside, it is we ourselves who can activate and strengthen this process of healing.

But how can we stimulate healing, which methods help us and support our body and mind? In many books such as “Illness as a Symbol”, “The Book of Self-Healing”, “The Healing Power of Illness”, “Peace Food”, and many more, Ruediger Dahlke shares his knowledge, methods, tips and tricks and will do the same during this evening seminar. Healthy and happy aging as a chance for a fulfilled life.


Friyday July 15, 2022

7 – 9pm  Evening seminar + Q&A

The evening seminar will take place at the Hotel & Restaurant Hofmatt in Münchenstein, BL.


« But more important than the body is the soul, because more important than the house is its inhabitant. »
Ruediger Dahlke


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Stories of Transformation

« Thank you Ruediger for sharing all your knowledge with us. From day to day I experience myself how I change, become happier and deal differently with myself and with others. Your warm and sensitive way makes it very easy to listen to you. The topic of health plays a very big and important role for me. To learn more and more new things about it is just great! I already share a lot with my family and I am just proud of it. »

Stories of Transformation

« Attending a seminar is a long-standing wish that comes true here. Alone with the books, I could not break through. I have come to my limits with my profession (geriatric nurse). I thank you from the bottom of my heart for inspiring me, Ruediger. I will make an effort, starting with myself, to give my best to give space and room to love and people. Thanks to you, I can pass on so much now and I learn more and more every day. »


Dr. Ruediger Dahlke

Dr. Ruediger Dahlke, MD, has been a physician and psychotherapist since 1979, completed additional training as a doctor of naturopathy, and continued his education in homeopathy while still a student. Ruediger Dahlke founded a holistic psychosomatics with his books on disease pattern interpretation from “Illness as a Path” to “Illness as a Symbol”, which has found numerous followers for 25 many years. Today he is also known for countless cookery and non-fiction books on the subject of vegan nutrition and stands like no other for healthy and long life.

In 1989 he founded the Heilkunde-Zentrum Johanniskirchen with his first wife Margit, which offers shadow therapies under her direction until today. In 2010, the TamanGa Hotel and Seminar Center was established in southern Austria (Gamlitz). Almost all of Ruediger Dahlke’s fasting and training weeks take place here, such as the plant-based whole food “Peacefood” diet, forest bathing, healthy water and Digital Detox.

For years he has successfully combined his medical expertise with a holistic view of body, mind and spirit. His books, which go far beyond common psychosomatics, are available in 22 languages and have built bridges between conventional medicine and naturopathy and between religion and spiritual philosophy.